Wednesday, July 30, 2008

eSeed: Stars Or Skyrockets

Read John 1:12

Some time ago we witnessed a gigantic display of fireworks. The skyrockets rose from the ground high into the sky, producing a beautiful burst of colored stars. They floated about and fell to the ground.

They were prettier than the stars, but different from them. The skyrockets were the work of men. The stars were the work of God.

We have many religious skyrockets. They respond to an invitation and live a lovely life, but soon they disappear from the church.

Why? They were man-made skyrockets, not God-made stars.

Are you a skyrocket or a star?

Prayer: We desire, Father, a consecration that is complete, a compassion that is Christlike, and a confession that is courageous. Grant that we will do nothing which will bring sorrow to Thee, a stumbling block to others, or a shame to ourselves: through Christ. Amen.

Today's featured photo from Guido Gardens:
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