"Sowing & Reaping" Articles

For years, Dr. Larry Guido has been writing articles for publication in our monthly newsletter, "Sowing & Reaping." On this page, we will collect and share those timely articles with you so that you can enjoy them and share them with others who may need to hear the truth in them. Click on each title link below to read the article. There will be more posted regularly, so come back soon!

"Grace, Goodness And Gratitude"

"When You Look At The Crowds, What Do You See?"

"Life Matters: Part 1" and "Life Matters: Part 2"

"Prayer: An Invitation To Ask"

"Trust And Obey - or -Obey And Trust"

"Know Him... Yes, And Know God's Power"

"Here It Comes! Ready Or Not..."

"What Next?"

"Where To Find Confidence In A Pandemic"

"Don't Give Up On God, Alan!"

"How To Make Disciples"

"Power! Where Does It Come From? How Do We Get It?"

"What Is This Thing Called Love?"

"This Is Important!"

"What's In A Word?"

"Leaving An Eternal Legacy"

"Why Bother Asking, Anyhow?"

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