Prayers Of Hope Page

This page is devoted to collecting the prayers published in the "Seeds Of Hope" devotional booklet. These simple prayers are an expression of me communicating with my Heavenly Father as a "true friend." I offer them to you as one of His "true friends," and ask that you join me as we make our requests - whatever is in our minds, hearts, and souls - known to Him --Larry Guido

Prayer For May: 

Heavenly Father,

As I begin this day, may I do so with a willingness to be open to Your leadership in my life by accepting and following the plan You have designed for me. It is difficult at best, Father, to separate my desires from Your demands, my wants from Your needs, and my ambitions from Your expectations. I know that because I am so easily distracted from the eternal by the temporal and immediate and passing pleasures of the “things” that never satisfy and are of this world. Everywhere I look, and most of what I hear, does not agree with and challenges the teachings and truth of Your Word.

So, please, I ask, give me Your insight and understanding, Your knowledge and wisdom to separate the needs of the Kingdom of God from the things of this world and to allow Your Spirit to direct me in my problem solving and decision making and planning so that Your Name will be glorified. May I begin each morning by looking to You for Your guidance as I begin my journey. 

May I look to You, in quietness and confidence, openness and trust, dependence and certainty - knowing that You are in me, with me and want to do Your work on earth through me. May I accept Your plan for this day – as well as every day – as a gift from You so that I may live a life that is well-pleasing to You and ultimately honors and glorifies You.

May my thoughts be centered on Your teachings and truth, may my life always be a reflection of the examples of Your Son, my Savior, and may my heart be open to hearing the voice and promptings of Your Spirit.

In Jesus’ Name and for His glory I pray, Amen!

I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours. Mark 11:24

Prayer For April:

Heavenly Father,

We live in a world with unprecedented uncertainties, a world turned upside down and inside out by leaders who reject to follow Your teachings and truths. Yet, in spite of the turmoil and tragedies that surround us, we find comfort in our knowledge and understanding of Your unending love and never-ending faithfulness, Your peace and power, Your plan and Your purposes for Your Kingdom and our lives.

Although we do not know what may be before us, we do know without any doubt that You are in us, with us, by us, and for us. And, we can be certain of this fact because of the countless promises in Your Word that repeatedly remind us of Your loyalty to those who love You and are obedient to Your eternal truths and teachings. Thank You, Father, for this assurance!

On the other hand, Father, we admit that we are only human – reminded of our past failures and nagging fears, our pursuit of self-interests and worldly ambitions, our endless attraction to things that vanish when Your light appears to lead us. Too often our minds and hearts are overflowing with goals that would defeat and destroy us if it were not for Your attention to us as individuals who desperately need Your grace and goodness and guidance.

So, in this moment of reflection, we ask Your Holy Spirit to penetrate our thoughts and disrupt our peace until we recognize and accept our need to surrender our lives to You. May we strive to love You, honor You, please You, and obey Your Word, for only then can we be assured that all will be well - knowing that You will protect us and take care of us – no matter what!

In Jesus’ Name and for His glory we pray, Amen.