Prayers Of Hope Page

This page is devoted to collecting the prayers published in the "Seeds Of Hope" devotional booklet. These simple prayers are an expression of me communicating with my Heavenly Father as a "true friend." I offer them to you as one of His "true friends," and ask that you join me as we make our requests - whatever is in our minds, hearts, and souls - known to Him --Larry Guido

Prayer For August 2020

Heavenly Father,

We are grateful for Your love that sustains us and Your faithfulness that gives us courage. How blest we are to know that You are our Shepherd and that You are protecting us from the dangers that could destroy us and the storms of life that could shatter us. In Your arms, we have access to a peace that is beyond our understanding and protection from powers that could overwhelm us.

We thank You for Your mercy and grace, Lord. In them, we find forgiveness for our sins, and the removal of guilt and shame for the wrongs we have committed against You and those around us. We are grateful that You sustained us each day by the strength we receive through Your Spirit, who gives us life and the power to become new creations. Help us to set aside the “old things” that once consumed and controlled us. May we turn from them and grow into the likeness of Your Son, our Savior.

As we walk with You today, we ask that our eyes are open to see many opportunities to serve You. We ask that our ears are open to hear the cries of those who are calling on us for help and hope and healing. And, may the words that come from our lips, and the feelings that come from our heart, bring joy and encouragement to everyone we meet. We can do great things for You today, Lord, if we willingly set aside our self-centeredness as You did so easily.

So, once again, we pray that we will willingly surrender our lives to You completely, unreservedly, and unashamedly, and be who You have called us to become – your disciples.

In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

Prayer for July 2020

Heavenly Father:

I begin this day echoing the words of the Psalmist: “This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” And, though I echo his words, I do ao if I’m not sure what this day will include, or where it may take me, or what might happen – whether good or bad, or the problems I’ll face that may result in grief or perhaps some events that will bring laughter or pleasures that I’ll enjon. At this moment, I do not know what is before me.

But, what I do know is that You are beside me, love me unconditionally, and that’s comforting and reassuring. I know that You have promised that You would never leave me or forsake me. And, because of this promise, “come what may,” I will not be alone or abandoned – even though I might be afraid.

So, Father, I may not be able to express my gratitude as well as others, but I know that You will understand that I love You for loving me and forgiving me. Even though I’ve disappointed You, You’ve never disappointed me and that You’ve always been there for me. And, I thank – really thank You - so much for that!

Now, Lord, knowing that You made this day is reason enough to rejoice – because it is Your day, and we’ll be together walking side by side. And, I will! I’ll also rejoice for the gift of Your Son whom You sent to be my Savior and the hope, help, healing, and happiness I have because of my Salvation.

Thank You, Father, In Your Son’s Name, Amen. 

Prayer For June 2020:

Heavenly Father,

I thank You for Your love! And, I thank You that Your love for me does not depend on how good I am, or what I do for You, or whether or not I am faithful in witnessing to others about You, or how much time I spend praying or reading my Bible. If it did, Father, I’d be in trouble!
I confess, sadly, that there are too many days when I neglect to read Your Word and hardly think about what it says about You and how I should live. I admit, also, that I spend more time talking to others than I do to You. When I put things in perspective, Lord, if You thought about me as little as I thought about You, or read the Bible and pray, there would be many days when my name would not cross Your mind. I know it must disappoint You when I don’t want to learn about You or talk to You after all You’ve done for me. I’m really embarrassed, to be honest. So, please – and I know You will – forgive me once more, for neglecting You and avoiding You and putting other things before You.

I ask sincerely, Lord, that if I lay down tonight, or any night from now on, that Your Holy Spirit will not allow my eyes to close in sleep until I read Your Word and talk to You in prayer. I need You desperately, Lord, and ask You to do whatever it takes to get my attention to spend time with You.

Father, I need to get to know You as well as You know me, and I can’t do this in my strength. So, believing that when I call on You that You will answer me, I’m calling on You now to help me through Your power to get in touch and stay in touch with You!

In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

Prayer For May 2020: 

Heavenly Father,

As I begin this day, may I do so with a willingness to be open to Your leadership in my life by accepting and following the plan You have designed for me. It is difficult at best, Father, to separate my desires from Your demands, my wants from Your needs, and my ambitions from Your expectations. I know that because I am so easily distracted from the eternal by the temporal and immediate and passing pleasures of the “things” that never satisfy and are of this world. Everywhere I look, and most of what I hear, does not agree with and challenges the teachings and truth of Your Word.

So, please, I ask, give me Your insight and understanding, Your knowledge and wisdom to separate the needs of the Kingdom of God from the things of this world and to allow Your Spirit to direct me in my problem solving and decision making and planning so that Your Name will be glorified. May I begin each morning by looking to You for Your guidance as I begin my journey. 

May I look to You, in quietness and confidence, openness and trust, dependence and certainty - knowing that You are in me, with me and want to do Your work on earth through me. May I accept Your plan for this day – as well as every day – as a gift from You so that I may live a life that is well-pleasing to You and ultimately honors and glorifies You.

May my thoughts be centered on Your teachings and truth, may my life always be a reflection of the examples of Your Son, my Savior, and may my heart be open to hearing the voice and promptings of Your Spirit.

In Jesus’ Name and for His glory I pray, Amen!

I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours. Mark 11:24

Prayer For April:

Heavenly Father,

We live in a world with unprecedented uncertainties, a world turned upside down and inside out by leaders who reject to follow Your teachings and truths. Yet, in spite of the turmoil and tragedies that surround us, we find comfort in our knowledge and understanding of Your unending love and never-ending faithfulness, Your peace and power, Your plan and Your purposes for Your Kingdom and our lives.

Although we do not know what may be before us, we do know without any doubt that You are in us, with us, by us, and for us. And, we can be certain of this fact because of the countless promises in Your Word that repeatedly remind us of Your loyalty to those who love You and are obedient to Your eternal truths and teachings. Thank You, Father, for this assurance!

On the other hand, Father, we admit that we are only human – reminded of our past failures and nagging fears, our pursuit of self-interests and worldly ambitions, our endless attraction to things that vanish when Your light appears to lead us. Too often our minds and hearts are overflowing with goals that would defeat and destroy us if it were not for Your attention to us as individuals who desperately need Your grace and goodness and guidance.

So, in this moment of reflection, we ask Your Holy Spirit to penetrate our thoughts and disrupt our peace until we recognize and accept our need to surrender our lives to You. May we strive to love You, honor You, please You, and obey Your Word, for only then can we be assured that all will be well - knowing that You will protect us and take care of us – no matter what!

In Jesus’ Name and for His glory we pray, Amen.