Tuesday, October 14, 2008

eSeed: Hair-Spray-Can Religion

Read John 10:27-30

“I wish,” said a preacher, “that we could package religion in spray cans. It would be more popular.”

Maybe, for some prefer their religion in “short bursts.” They’re a little too bad to be good, so they’d like a “shot” every now and then just to be respectable, but not too religious.

There are many who’d like to make use of their religion only when they’re “under pressure.” They turn to God in their pain, but they turn from Him in their pleasure.

Many pastors would like a “hair-spray-can religion” for the “hard-to-hold” members so they’d “keep their religion in place all day.”

But the Lord will do that for you, if you’ll turn your life over to Him.

Why don’t you do it now?

Prayer: Father, I offer myself to Thee. Take me. Be Thou my Master. I will be Thy slave. I want to be a slave to all that is right, holy and good. Use me for Thy purposes: through Christ. Amen.

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