Monday, December 8, 2008

eSeed: Is Anyone Up There

Read Psalm 60:11-12

A man fell off a cliff, but he grabbed a limb on the way down. Tearfully he cried, “Is anyone up there?”

“I am the Lord. I’m here,” came the answer. “Do you believe in Me?”

“Yes, Lord,” he answered. “But I can’t hang on much longer.”

“I’ll save you,” said the Lord. “Just let go.”

There was a pause, and the man asked, “Is anyone else up there?”

Isn’t it just like many to doubt the Lord and put their trust in man?

But not the Psalmist. He prayed, “O God, give us help from trouble; vain is the help of man. Through God we shall do valiantly.”

Prayer: Shame fills our hearts, Father, for our doubts and despair. We blush to remember our complaints. Lead us into a new tomorrow of trusting Thee and obeying Thee. Make us ready for Thy will and way: through Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

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