Thursday, December 11, 2008

eSeed: Make The Best Of It

Read Philippians 4:13

Allen Heath lost a hand and almost his life in an accident. But he came back to win a race as “The One-Armed Bandit of Racing.”

He said, “Being a race driver is tough. Being a race driver with a hook for a hand is tougher. But hurtin’ never stopped me from doin’ what I wanted to do.”

Heath added, “If you want to lay down and cry, you can. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to feel sorry for myself and give up. I had to accept what had happened and make the best of it.”

Like Heath, the victorious Christian talks more about his blessings than his bruises, more about his opportunities than his obstacles. He makes the best of everything by the grace of God.

Do you?

Prayer: Help us, Father, to think of life as we ought to think of it. Constrain us to use life wisely, to live life generously, and to use life for Thy honor and glory: through Christ. Amen.

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