Monday, December 15, 2008

eSeed: Mittens Or The Master

Read Romans 6:14 TLB

Come winter or summer, Californian Timothy Mack has been ordered to wear stiff mittens every time he appears in public.

Judge Richard Hayden saw this as the only remedy to Mack’s chronic pickpocketing.

But better than mittens for victory over sinning is the Master. He’s the great Transformer. He can turn your stealing into serving, your getting into giving, and your demands into dedication.

Your life can be an affirmation, not a defamation; a rock of strength, not a cesspool of weakness; a blessing, not a blight.

The Living Bible promises, “Sin need never again be your master.”

Prayer: At this moment, dear Jesus, I ask Thee to save me from all my sins, from sins of heart and hands, and from sins of habits and haunts. Constrain me to avoid that step that will lead me to sin and make me a victorious Christian: in Christ. Amen.

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