Thursday, January 22, 2009

eSeed: No Night There

Read Revelation 22:5

One dark night a little boy ran to his father, crying, “There are bears in my room!”

Turning on the light, the father said kindly, “There are no bears in your room.”

“But,” said the boy, “the bears I see only come out in the dark!”

There’s something about the darkness of the night that brings panic and pain, fear and foreboding, worry and woe.

That’s why St. John, in describing heaven, says, “There shall be no night there.”

One danger, one fear, one pain, one sin, one tear, one want shall never have lodging there. And the Lord wants you there!

Open your heart to the Lord of heaven, and He’ll open His heaven to you.

Prayer: We thank Thee, Father, for the hope of heaven. How thrilled we are that Thou hast reserved for us the priceless gift of eternal life. Make us useable: in Christ. Amen.

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