Thursday, February 19, 2009

eSeed: Salary Advance

Read Amos 4:6-12

A man was being interviewed for a job. “I want a careful chauffeur,” he was told. “One who doesn’t take any chances.”

“I’m your man,” he answered. “May I have my salary in advance?” He practiced what he preached, didn’t he?

People won’t take any chances with their salaries, but they will take chances with their souls. They’ll prepare to meet their friends, but not their God.

You may avoid going to church, or reading the Bible, or praying. But you can’t avoid God. Some day you’ll stand before Him and give an account.

So don’t take any chances. The Bible says, “Prepare to meet thy God.”

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we are looking forward to the day when Thou wilt come and take us home to heaven. Inspire us to watch and wait for that day, living holy and happy lives: in Thy precious name. Amen.

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