Wednesday, April 8, 2009

eSeed: Living as Kings Or Kinks

Read John 8:25-36

A prisoner said to me, “My life’s a mess. I go from problem to problem, from kink to kink.”

“Why live as a kink,” I asked, “when you can live as a king?”

“What do you mean?” he cried.

I answered, “The Living Bible says, ‘All who will take God’s gift of forgiveness are kings of life.’”

Have you ever had a kink in a chain? A knot? When your life is tied up in knots, it’s kinky. And our life becomes tied up in knots by playing with sin. You can play with sin, but sin won’t play with you.

The Lord wants to forgive you, and with His forgiveness comes His freedom.

Why live as a kink when you can live as a king? Take His gift, won’t you?

Prayer: We have sinned, Father, forgive us and free us from the guilt, the grip and the grief of sin. Sustain and strengthen us, and bring us to the evening hour undefeated by sin: through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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