Thursday, April 23, 2009

eSeed: Without A Cause

Read Ezekiel 14:23 NIV
A bus was wrecked, and kids were killed. A tornado struck and lives were lost.

Some friends asked, "Why did God allow this to happen?"

I replied by quoting Ezekiel 14:23, "I have done nothing in it without a cause, declares the Sovereign Lord."

Suffering produces something. Athletes and pregnant women are willing to suffer because of what it will produce. And one becomes a better person because of suffering and sorrow.

All things are under God’s control. And He desires our good, nothing but our good.

Not all things are good, but God makes them work for our good. So trust Him, and you’ll triumph.

Prayer: Inspire us, Father, with a courageous and confident approach to all our problems. Deliver us from gloom, and give us gladness. Save us from being a defeatist, and make us daringly victorious: through our almighty Savior. Amen.

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