Wednesday, September 16, 2009

eSeed: Out Of Sight, Not Out Of Existence

Read John 14:1-6

Ellis Wood picked me up at the Metter Airport to fly me to a meeting. As we flew farther out of sight, Mrs. Guido said, “There he goes!”

Where? Out of existence? No, out of sight.

When we buzzed the airport in the other city, friends said, “Here he comes.”

That’s dying to a Christian.

All through our lifetime we have guardian angels. The last thing they do for us is to carry us home to heaven. As we leave this earth, friends say, “There he goes.”

As our Lord welcomes us home to heaven, He says, “Here he comes.”

How wonderful it will be to exchange earth for heaven. Will you?

Prayer: I come to Thee, Father. Save me from sin and its consequences. Deliver me from the judgment and its doom. I thank Thee that Thou art with me, and that one day I will be with Thee in heaven: through Christ. Amen.

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