Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Great Wall of China

Read Matthew 6:33

The Great Wall of China stretches about fifteen hundred miles. It’s twenty-five feet high, and it tapers from a width of twenty-five feet at the base to fifteen feet at the top.

Made of brick and granite, it appeared invincible. But it was breached three times.

Why? Was it defective material? No, defective men caused the breach. They bribed the gatekeepers.

It’s true – money talks. How you earn it and spend it is a clue to your character.

Oh, for men who value God above gold, integrity above influence, and self-control above self-indulgence.

Do you?

Prayer: Keep us, Father, from wasting our time, talents and treasures. Inspire us to live in love to Thee and all who are Thine. Constrain us to do only those things that honor Thee and never to cause Thee sorrow: in Christ. Amen.

Today's video devotional from Guido Gardens:

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