Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In A Slippery Place

Read Psalm 141:3
The children in church sang, “Be careful little tongue what you say,” and the preacher asked, “Why is it hard to control the tongue?”

“Because,” answered a boy, “it’s in a wet place.”

Yes, being in a wet place, the tongue is prone to slip. Even though it weighs practically nothing, it’s surprising how few can hold it.

Your tongue can bless, but if it slips it can curse. Your tongue can heal, but if it slips it can hurt. Your tongue can speak the fairest things, but if it slips it can speak the foulest.

Once a word is spoken, you can’t get it back. But you must answer for it.

So remember the children’s song, “Be careful little tongue what you say.”

Prayer: Father, control my tongue so that I may speak no untrue word, no unholy word, and no ungracious word. Control my actions so that I may always honor Thee: through Christ, our Lord. Amen.
Today's video seed: "Turn Right"

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  1. this is exactly our topic at work last night...i have to print this and take it so co-workers can read this.....ty