Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Right From Wrong

Read James 1:1-15
Two bosses were talking. One said of an attractive girl that worked in their office, “Poor thing, she doesn’t know right from wrong.”

“You teach her what’s right,” said the other, “and I’ll teach her what’s wrong.”

The worst thing you can do is to teach a person to sin. The next worst thing is to sell out to sin.

You can’t sell out in the game of love and win. To compare it with cards, once you’ve played your ace – given your self – the game’s over.

If you play again, you’ll play with a worn deck, but with a new partner. If your “king” turns out to be a “joker” you go deeper in your guilt and grief.

Don’t sell out! Give yourself to the Lord who loves you and who’ll lift you.

Prayer: Keep me, Father, from eyes which see nothing but faults, from the mind which always thinks the worst, and from a tale-bearing tongue. Keep me from all sin, both small and large: through Christ. Amen.
Today's video devotional: "Do A Kind Deed Today"

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