Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Read Psalm 55:6-16

Two women were gossiping. One said, “Give a man enough rope, and he’ll hang himself.”

“Not so,” said the other. “I gave my husband enough rope and he skipped.”

We have a lot of skippers, haven’t we?

Think of Jonah. Trying to dodge his duty of preaching in Nineveh, he skipped. Did he find relief? No, he only found remorse.

Think of Demas. Trying to run from his responsibility of gospelling with Paul, he skipped. Did he find success? No, only shipwreck.

Success and satisfaction aren’t found in skipping struggles, but in submission to the Savior. The trusting soul is always the triumphant soul!

Prayer: Enable us, heavenly Father, to accept nothing but Thy guidance, to serve nothing but Thy will, and to seek nothing but Thy glory. Grant that by Thy grace we will be loyal in love, kind in action, and pure in spirit: through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Today's video seed: "Fellowship With Jesus"

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