Thursday, January 7, 2010

Somebody To Love Me

Read John 13:34

A missionary was sick. He had to come home for treatment. He asked a little girl, “What shall I send you?”

“Somebody to love me,” she sobbed.

That’s the cry at home and abroad.

Let’s love others selflessly. Not for what they can give us, but for what we can give them.

Let’s love others sacrificially. Not to be served, but to serve. Not to be blessed, but to bless.

Let’s love others sympathetically. Feeling their burden, and bearing it. Sensing their need, and supplying it. Sharing their sorrow, and strengthening them.

Our Lord did, and He said, “Love one another; as I have loved you.”

Prayer: O Thou God of love, come into my heart, and love others through me. Help me to speak love, to show love, to give love, and to live love: this I pray in the name of the One who loved me and died for me. Amen.

Today's video devotional: "I Shall Not Want."

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