Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big Al's Final Ride

Big Al loved his vintage car more than anything in the world. When he died, a chauffeur led the funeral procession to the cemetery in his vehicle.

Even though the burial service was brief, someone had time to steal his car while the mourners bowed their heads in prayer. Realizing what had happened, a friend said, “I guess you can’t be too careful even at your own funeral. You never know what might happen after you die.”

But we can know without a doubt what will happen after we die. We know that God loves us and that we are very dear to Him. We also know that a car can take us many places, but not to heaven. Only our faith in the Lord can do that. When He calls us home to heaven, if our faith is in Him, He will bring us into His presence and we will enjoy eternity with Him forever.

Prayer: Lord, we know that You have a place prepared in heaven for those who love and trust You as their Savior. Help us to accept Your love and grace and to realize that when we die, we may have life everlasting with You, because You loved us and gave Yourself for us. Amen.

Scripture for Today: Luke 18:20-22

Today's video seed: "Your Labor Is Never Wasted"

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