Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lift To Release

Years ago, while riding on a train, I saw a lever with words above it that read: “Lift to release!” It reminded me of the power of prayer and of that Bible verse that challenges us to “pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands.” It was the custom in years gone by that when people prayed they would hold up their hands with their empty palms toward heaven. This action expressed their faith in God. It was as if they were waiting and expecting God to fill them with His blessings. They were actually waiting to receive something from God.

The prayer of a faith-filled person is mightier than any power on earth. It has the unlimited power of God connected to it. Have a problem? Carrying a burden? Faced with uncertainty? Worried about finances? Have an illness? Threatened with a family problem? Take everything to God in prayer and trust in Him. He can do everything. Lift your hands to God in prayer, expecting. And remember the sign that reads, “Lift to release!”

Prayer: Father, I lift my hands to You in prayer today, surrendering my whole heart to You in faith believing that You will hear me and honor my requests. Help me to increase my faith and to trust in You knowing that You will fill me with the desire to do Your will: in Your Name. Amen.

Scripture for Today: John 14: 7-14

Today's video seed: "No Change"

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