Monday, March 29, 2010

Of Course You Will!

The parents of a small child were killed in an automobile accident. She had no other family members who could care for her, so she was taken to the home of another family where she would live. On her first night in her new home she prayed, “Oh Lord, make these people be as kind to me as my own mother and father were.” Then she paused for a moment and added, “Of course they will be kind to me!” And they were. She had faith and God heard and answered her prayer.

The Bible tells us that “you can pray for anything and if you believe, it will be done for you by your Father in heaven.” Effective Christian living depends on our faith in Christ. We are saved by faith, we are to live by faith and we are to pray in faith believing that with God, all things are possible. It is important that we constantly remind ourselves that “without faith it is impossible to please Him” and that our prayers are the keys that unlock all the treasures of heaven. Faith, however, is the hand that turns the key!

Prayer: Father, I want a faith like the child in this story. I admit that sometimes my faith is smaller than a mustard seed. But that’s not the way I want it to remain. Give me the desire to increase my faith by being close to You and listen as You speak to my heart: in Your Name. Amen.

Scripture for Today: Matthew 21:17-22

Today's video seed: "Head, Hands and Heart"

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