Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seeing What You Have

Charley Boswell was an outstanding football player for the University of Alabama. He also excelled in baseball and dreamed of one day becoming a professional baseball player. Unfortunately, he lost his eyesight during the Second World War. However, losing his eyesight did not destroy him, it drove him onward. He became the National Blind Golf Champion seventeen times!

One day he said, “I never count what I have lost, I only count what I have.” When we enter a time of difficulty and distress we can rise to the challenge and become a champion or we can cringe and become a coward. When we face hardships and heartaches, we can become better if we have faith and believe that God is at work in our lives. Having faith in God will enable us to turn what could be a tragedy into a triumph, a problem into a solution and what seems to be the end into a new beginning.

Prayer: Father, please help me to see the best in everything. I want to become thankful for all that You have blessed me with and for everything that You bring into my life. I know that You will bring good out of everything that comes into my life if I trust in You: in Your name. Amen.
Scripture for Today: Mark 11:22
Today's video seed: "A Good Wife"

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