Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Which Way Is America?

During World War Two, a young boy was sent from England to the United States for safety. While crossing the ocean, the ship he was on was hit by a torpedo and he was thrown into the water. A rescue boat came and lifted him out of the water. As they lifted him to safety, his first question was not “Why?” It was “Which way is America?” What an important lesson!

All of us have dreams that someone has torpedoed. We have all experienced the feelings of being “lost at sea” at one time or another. When events such as these occur, we have a choice. We can look back in bitterness or look ahead in anticipation. With God, no one or nothing is hopeless. During a difficult time in his life, the Apostle Paul said, “We get knocked down.” He quickly added, “But we get up again and again and keep going!” Our faith in God will increase during the storms of life if we look to Him for His help and strength. The events of life that would overwhelm us will be replaced by “the God of all comfort” Who will wrap us gently in His arms.

Prayer: Father, as the storms of life swirl around me, and as frightening waves sweep over me, I pray that the peace of Your presence will assure me that You are with me: in Your name. Amen.

Scripture for Today: Matthew 19:16-26

Today's video seed: "The Purpose of the Flag"

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