Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Day At A Time

During World War I, President Woodrow Wilson called an admiral into his office. He gave orders to the admiral to place mines all across the English Channel.

“But,” protested the admiral, “I can’t do that. It is too wide.”

“Well, then,” said the President, “can you lay just one mine?”

“Yes, sir,” he answered.

“Wonderful,” said the President. “Then you lay just one mine at a time until you get them all across the channel.”

It is important for us to always remember that God will give us the strength and the courage for one moment at a time. We never seem to be able to see as far as we would like to see. We rarely understand everything that may be happening at any given moment in life. And we always seem to want more information than is available to fill in the blanks.

No one can see around corners, through mountains or beyond the horizon. But when we go as far as we can see, God will meet us there and extend our vision and light our path. The Living Bible says, “Don’t be anxious… Live one day at a time.”

Prayer: We ask, heavenly Father, that we will learn to walk by faith when the path is blurred and the shadows dark. Give us a faith to face fear, and a determination to depend on Your deliverance. In Christ’s Name. Amen.

Scripture for Today: Matthew 6:34

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