Monday, July 12, 2010

Take It With You?

A funeral procession was passing an intersection and there was a break in the line of cars. The driver of an armored truck saw an opportunity to resume his journey and got in line behind the other vehicles.

“What do you know?” exclaimed an onlooker, seeing the armored truck. “Maybe you can take it with you!”

We all know that you can’t take it with you. But according to Jesus, we know that you can send it ahead. He said, “Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven!” But how do we do that?

Intriguing question. Interesting answer. By investing in heaven. “How do we do that?” We invest in heaven by finding and fulfilling God’s purpose in all that we do – by being obedient to His Word.

When we “Love the Lord our God with all of our minds and all of our hearts and all of our souls,” we will do as He asks. Eyes that are dimmed and minds that are numbed by earthly possessions will be awakened to serving Him because we willingly surrender to what He asks. Our Lord will be first and our treasures will find their way to heaven.

Prayer: Lord, guide us as we invest the treasures and talents that You have given us to Your glory. May we put heaven first, and honor You in all that we do and say: in Christ’s name. Amen.

Scripture for Today: Matthew 6:19-24

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