Monday, August 23, 2010

Hope In God!

Mother Teresa of India was known for her compassionate heart. As she would travel through the streets of her home town, her heart would be overcome at the sight of those who were waiting to die. Wanting to do something for them, she would drag them into her home and care for them, waiting for them to die.

But something unusual happened. Many of those who had terminal illnesses and were expected to die, suddenly got better and lived. Why? They felt the love of Christ coming through her as she cared for them. Hope sprang up in their hearts and their health returned. Eventually they changed the name of the house from the Home of The Dying to the Home of the Living.

By placing our hope in God, we can turn our lives around. He can take our problems and turn them into His solutions. He can take our sorrows, wipe away our tears and bring us joy. He can take away our illnesses and bring us health. Whatever we need He can provide.

We need to follow the advice of the Psalmist and put our hope in God.

Prayer: Deliver us, heavenly Father from the doubts that would defeat us and the problems that would paralyze us. May we recognize Your strength and power and accept Your loving care that can make us complete. In Christ’s Name, Amen.

Scripture for Today: Psalm 41:1-5

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