Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Used The Wind

During a major golf tournament the players were having a difficult time with their game because of strong winds. As they attempted to line up their putts, the wind kept blowing them off balance. Most of them played a terrible game. But one, Tony Jacklin, shot a remarkable seventy-one. At the end of his round a reporter asked him his secret. “I used the wind,” he said. “I let the wind work to my advantage.”

As in golf, so it is in life. If we Christians let the winds of adversity work to our advantage, we can accomplish great things.

James tells us that as we face trials and our faith is tested, we develop perseverance. The character trait of perseverance in a person is a mark of maturity. When we are able to persevere in trials, we will become more complete and not lack for anything. God will use our life experiences to change us into godly men and women. We will be able to comfort others as Christ has comforted us. Jesus has called us to use our adversities to further His kingdom and serve others. When we do this, we are glorifying God with our whole lives.

Prayer: Lord, continue to teach me how to use the trials in my life to become more like You. Give me the joy that only You can give me. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Scripture for Today: James 1:2-4

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