Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rose Angel Food Cake

It was my birthday, and friends surprised me with a party. When it came time for dessert, a rose angel food cake was placed on the table, and I was asked to cut it. Taking hold of the knife, I started to cut the cake, immediately it gave forth the fragrance of a rose. “What a picture of a true Christian,” I cried.

A Christian, like a fragrant cake, should be overflowing with the fragrance of Christ. What happens when our hearts are wounded, when another person’s words or deeds cut deep within our soul? Do we smell like the Rose of Sharon or do we smell rotten? It is very easy to respond rashly when we or a loved one is hurt. We can say things we regret and be even more destructive than we realize at the moment. If we are to love as Christ loved, our response to affliction should be rooted in patience and kindness. There is never a time for jealousy, rudeness or selfishness. When we understand that Christ has loved us despite our sinfulness, it is possible to show love to those who sin against us.

Prayer: Father, I pray that You will help me to always be like Christ when I am wounded or hurting. Help me to forgive and love everyone as Christ has loved me. In Thy Name, Amen.

Scripture for Today: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

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