Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In God's Image

Wherever you went in the Roman Empire, you were reminded of the Roman Emperor. Everywhere you looked you saw his influence and image, his power and prestige. And when a Roman penny was made, the image of the emperor was stamped upon it. Those who used his coins were expected to obey his laws.

We are like those pennies. When God created man He stamped His image in and upon him – within his soul. As a result of that “stamping,” there is within all of us a desire to discover who we are. It is not by accident that there seems to be within every one of us a sense of being lost or the drive to discover or find ones self.

Most people – young or old – do not want to be different. No child wants to stand out. Teenagers all try to look the same. Young adults have a difficult time determining who to identify with and why. Adults want to have the same things as their peers. Each of us has the need to identify with someone or something.

But Christians solve this problem because they can identify with God. We have been created in His image and nothing is like us. Because of the fall, we have been damaged and distorted but not destroyed. If we choose, God can repair the damage and clear up the distortion. Then, one day He will restore us to our original condition. With God, all things are possible through salvation in Christ.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, We accept the promise that You can give us a pure heart, a sound mind, a right spirit and everlasting life with You. Through Christ, Amen.

Scripture for Today: Genesis 1:26-31

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