Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is It Knowing Or Is It Doing?

A young salesman saw a farmer sitting on his porch. He sat down next to him and began to talk excitedly.

“This book,” said the salesman, “will tell you everything you need to know about farming. It tells you when to plant and when to harvest.”

“Young man,” interrupted the farmer, “those aren’t my problems. I know all there is to know about farming. My problem is in the doing.”

Most of us know more than is necessary to begin serving our Lord with enthusiasm. We sit comfortably and quietly Sunday after Sunday listening and learning. But when it comes to doing, we begin to wonder if we can do what God wants us to do.

Whatever God calls us to do comes with the resources to do it. When we trust in Him, believe in His power and understand His presence within us, all that remains for us is “the doing.”

As in farming, so in living a Christ-exalting life. God’s Guidebook, the Bible, tells us what to believe and how to behave, when to reach out and when to reach up.

If there are times when we feel unable or unworthy, inadequate or incomplete it may be His Spirit suggesting that we have gone beyond what He would have us to do. He does not expect us to do everything. But He does expect us to do something!

God has a purpose and plan for each of us. Jesus said, “If you know what to do, blessed and happy are you if you practice them!”

Prayer: Lord, all around me are people who are hurting and hopeless, in danger and distress. Open my eyes to see them and my ears to hear their cry. Amen.

Scripture: John 13:17 Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.

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