Monday, November 22, 2010

What Matters Most

A man lost control of his vehicle as he was going around a sharp turn. The car crashed through the guardrail and ended down a steep embankment. The car was damaged beyond repair and as they were removing him from the wreckage he sobbed, “Oh, my new Cadillac. It's destroyed!”

“Never mind the car,” said a member of the rescue team, “think of your arm. It’s gone!”

“Oh, no,” he cried loudly, “I’ve lost my Rolex, too!”

How quickly we can become deceived by what the world values. And what the world values, as someone has put it, has a “shelf-life” – an expected life span. Whatever we see before us or around us will someday be gone. So, the warning of Jesus is: “If you live for God and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern, Your Father – Who already knows what you need, will provide for everything you need.”

Too often we set our sights on the things of this world believing that they will bring us happiness or satisfaction. Every day we see people who seem to “have it all” yet are miserable and unfulfilled.

God wants to have the “primary” place in our lives. He wants our thoughts to be filled with His wisdom and insight so that our lives will reflect His will and way.

Prayer: We pray, Father, that we will have enough faith and trust in You that we will set our priorities in order with worshiping and serving You at the top. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

Scripture: Matthew 6:31-34

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