Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Group Photo

It was her first day at her new job. Her boss spent several hours acquainting her with all of the company policies and procedures. Finally he thought is was time to talk about himself so she would know what kind of person he was.

He spoke proudly of his successes as an athlete. Then he talked at great length of his ability as a dancer. After dancing came the lengthy description of his outstanding career in sales, winning every company award. Finally he described his military experience, detailing every duty station and assignment. He talked more about himself than her job.

Finally, when he ended his bragging she asked, “Have you ever had a group photograph taken of yourself?”

Pride is the result of thinking too highly of one’s self. It is being overly concerned with what we have accomplished, believing that we are not getting the recognition that we deserve. What matters most is not the recognition we get from others, but from the Lord. It is far better to be honored by God for being faithful to His Word, blessed by serving Him in silence or humbly obeying His every command than being praised in the largest assembly the world has ever known.

Prayer: Help, me Lord, to clothe myself with humility, so that my life is all about You, not me. Amen.

Scripture: 1 Peter 5:5, 6

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