Friday, April 29, 2011

A Good Reputation

Thomas Edison discovered that his factory had produced a battery that was faulty. As soon as the discovery was made, he immediately took action. He began a large advertising campaign informing people that he would give a refund to everyone who purchased a defective battery. Although the cost was one million dollars, it did not compare with the value he placed on his name.

It is critical for Christians to have an honorable name. Whatever we do, whatever we say, wherever we go we are representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ. If we fail to live lives of integrity our witness will be damaged, our message questioned and our testimony impaired. And when that occurs, God’s name is damaged and His message becomes worthless.

Being honest and forthright in everything will eliminate our need to worry about being exposed or not living up to what God expects of us. He calls us to live lives that are in harmony with His Word, to follow Him and His eternal directions carefully and to ask Him to place a guard over our speech so we will not say things that are untrue, hurtful and harmful.

Prayer: Father, we ask that You will be at work in us and through us that we may represent You faithfully. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture: Proverbs 22:1

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