Friday, June 24, 2011

God's Will

Following the morning sermon, a young college student asked if the pastor could give him a few minutes of his time. Agreeing, the pastor asked the student to meet him in his study.

“Pastor,” the student began, “I did not completely understand what you meant by Christians being willing to do God’s will. What is God’s will for my life?”

Handing the student a sheet of paper with nothing on it, the pastor said, “It’s signing your name at the bottom of this blank sheet of paper and letting God fill it in as He wills.”

God has a special, specific plan for each of our lives. It is a good plan, a pleasing plan and a perfect plan that He designed for every day of our lives. One problem most of us have is that we go to Him with what we want to do and ask Him to agree with us. That is not what He wants or what He will bless.

We can only be what He wants us to be and do what He wants us to do if we go to Him with a blank sheet of paper and ask Him to “fill it in.” We must go to Him with open minds, willing hearts and uplifted hands.

Prayer: Help us, Father, to willingly give up everything for You, and not give You up for anything. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture for Today: Romans 12:1-2

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