Wednesday, October 31, 2018


During the rule of the Roman Empire, each penny was stamped with the image of the Roman Emperor. Anyone who used that coin was expected to obey his laws.
When God created Adam, He implanted His image in and on him. God did not use a penny to remind people whom they were to obey, but a Person. And beginning with Adam, each of us has had His image on us and in us. We are expected to enjoy Him and glorify Him and honor Him at all times and in all circumstances.
In Psalm 8:6 we are reminded of the power of that stamp. “You,” wrote the Psalmist, “made him ruler over the works of Your hands; You put everything under his feet.” The simplicity and majesty of that single, simple verse are staggering!
The word “ruler” means “lordship.” As the “crown” of God’s creation, we are the “lords” of His creation and are to use the gifts and talents He has given us to be masters of everything He created - everything that we see today or ever will be found in the environment.
But, unfortunately, Adam chose not to follow God’s directions. As a result of Adam’s choice, man and God’s entire creation became corrupted by sin. Fortunately, the story does not end there!
When we repent of our sins and turn our lives over to the Lord, this “Lordship” returns. Once again, we become His subjects and are responsible “to bear” His image in our behavior and leave His “stamp” on everything we do. All things are to become new again.
Prayer: Help us, Father, to live as You planned for us to live - as lords of Your creation and glorify Your name! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 8:6 You made him ruler over the works of Your hands; You put everything under his feet.

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