Saturday, January 5, 2019

Has Anyone Here Seen God?

A rather well to do person decided that he would visit a church in a ghetto to see how “people on the other side of the street” lived. On the bottom of the cover of the Sunday bulletin was a statement that shocked him: “Not all who worship here are Christians. Do not leave your purse or any other personal belonging unattended.”
It is tragic, but true that many who profess one thing do not practice what they preach. But, we who claim to be followers of Jesus are responsible for living as He lived by doing the things He did. We are to back up our beliefs with our behavior. It is not how we want to live that matters. It is how God expects us to live that makes the difference an obligation.
When the gears of a transmission turn inside of its transmission case, it will cause the crankshaft to turn, and the car will be ready to move when it is put in gear.
So it is with a Christian.
When our hearts are “turned” by the Holy Spirit to the things of God, we will be ready to serve the Lord. When this happens, others will see us “move” or live in agreement with His Word and His ways.
The life of the Christian is much more than churchgoing, Bible-reading, hymn-singing and tithe-giving. If we do all of those “good things,” we will still fall short of how God intends us to live: walk blamelessly and live righteously.
The Psalmist said that we are to be “blameless in your walk...and do what is righteous.” Being blameless means that when others look at us, they find no faults in the way we live because we walk in paths that are righteous.

Prayer: Sometimes, Lord, what You ask of us seems unreal. But, through Christ all things for God are possible. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture For Today: Psalm 15:2a The one whose walk is blameless, who does what is righteous 

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