Monday, January 13, 2020

Knowing And Doing

In 1927 many businesses had financial difficulties that forced them to close. One was an insurance company in Savannah, Georgia. There were more than 500 stockholders who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The owner, a man named Mercer, and his son, promised to repay each one of them.
Twenty-eight years later the final debt was paid. Even though the father had died, the son paid each debt in full.
The son had become a famous songwriter, and it was one of the songs he wrote that enabled him to pay the debts. The songwriter was Johnny Mercer and the song that paid the debt was, “Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative.”
Choosing to do the right thing is often difficult, sometimes painful. There are times when it may mean the loss of money or some valued object. It may cost a friendship with someone who is destroying us and our walk with the Lord. It may mean giving up a job that would cause us to compromise our values. Honoring God always forces us to choose to do what He has asked us to do: obey His teachings. Knowing what is right is rarely the problem. Doing what is right, however, is. Remember: “I can do all things through Him who gives me His strength!”
Prayer: Lord, may we always honor You by accepting, believing, and living Your Word. Help us to take You at Your Word, and live as though we thoroughly believed it! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture For Today: 1 Chronicles 29:17 I know, my God, that you examine our hearts and rejoice when you find integrity there. You know I have done all this with good motives, and I have watched your people offer their gifts willingly and joyously. 

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