Monday, November 2, 2020

His Strength

“Remember, don’t BLT,” said the surgeon. Of course, that got my attention immediately.

Then he explained, “Do not bend, lift or twist. If you do, you will damage or destroy the work that I did on your spine. You must ask for help from others if you want to heal properly. If you are seated, get help to stand. Do not lift anything that weighs more than five pounds – like a gallon of milk. And, turn your entire body rather than twist if you want to see someone or something that is to your left or right.” 

As I was wheeled from the hospital to begin the trip home, I could not imagine how different my life was going to be. Being dependent on others has always been difficult for me. But thinking of his orders and my false pride forced me to admit how often I had failed at one thing or another because I refused to ask someone for help or seek the counsel of others. Even God. Certainly, “pride does come before a fall.”

“Look to the Lord and His strength,” said the Psalmist. How easy it sounds but how difficult it is for many of us to do. God wants us to depend on Him, seek the help and counsel of others. If we don’t, the likelihood of failure looms large. Our strength is limited, but He is not. 

But there is something more to be learned here. When I come to the end of my strength and am unable to do what He has called me to do and ask others to help me, they share in my ministry. So, two things can happen: when I realize the blessings that can come from depending on others when they are willing and able to help me, they share His love by helping me. And, I can share my ministry with them!

Prayer:  Thank you Lord for Your ways, Your Word, and Your wisdom which are gifts we do not deserve but desperately need. May we willingly share them with others. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today:  Look to the Lord and His strength; continually seek Him. Psalm 105:4 

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