Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Signs Of A Grateful Heart

An attitude of gratitude is always obvious to those around us. If we are grateful for what God has done for us and given to us, others will see our gratitude for His goodness and gifts in everything we do. David gave us a fourfold formula for gratitude to follow.  

“I will thank You, Lord, with all my heart.” The thanksgiving he describes is total and consumed all of his being – his entire self. The word he used for heart would include his awareness of God’s presence, his memory of God's goodness, and his understanding of God’s grace. He worshiped God with excitement, enthusiasm, and expectation.  

“I will tell all of the marvelous things You have done.” Marvelous comes from a word that means “extraordinary, not to be surpassed by anyone and always wonderous!” He is so overwhelmed by God’s blessings on his life that he wants everyone to hear about it.  

“I will be filled with joy!” Joy is the natural state of the one who trusts in the Lord. Knowing that “all things are working together for our good” should cause His joy to radiate from our hearts into our heads and out through our hands. Everything we do should be done with a smile on our face and gladness in our eyes.  

“I will sing praises to Your Name, O Most High.” Notice that there is only one letter different between the word “sin” and “sing” – the letter “g” – that stands for God. When we give up sin for the Savior, God gives us a new song to sing. It is a song about the Savior who loves us, gave Himself for us, is present in us, and cares deeply for us.  

Prayer: Lord, we rejoice in the goodness and grace of Your salvation. May we always have a grateful heart and show it to others willingly. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.  

Scripture For Today:  I will be filled with joy because of you. I will sing praises to your name, O Most High. Psalm 9:2 

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