Monday, March 15, 2021

Calling For God In A Crisis

There are some psychologists who believe that our need for safety, structure and stability are more important than nearly anything else. Perhaps they are right.

When we look around and feel threatened and insecure, we become frightened and build what we think are protective walls to make us safe and secure. Yet often the protective walls we have wrapped around us are suddenly removed, and we become frightened and afraid facing a hostile world.

Could it be that God is offering us an unplanned opportunity to grow closer to Him? Disaster strikes and we immediately grasp for His hand, wanting His protection. We suddenly realize we desperately need Him and since there is no one else to turn to we call on Him for help. We need a “miracle working God” and want Him to do something special for us. NOW! So, we call on Him in desperation because we need help and believe that only He can rescue us.

David did not have an easy life. From infancy to old age he knew and experienced the stress and strain and storms of life. We find many examples of this in his writings. One is when he cried, “I give my soul to You, O Lord. All of me – body, mind and spirit – Lord, is now Yours!” Save me he cried and “Let me not be ashamed” for doubting You. David’s army and armor could not help. At times, neither can ours.

Overwhelmed with fear, he called upon God. He knew that he needed a power beyond himself and knew Who and where that power was. And when he called, God answered. 

Prayer: May we, Lord, come to realize that in and of ourselves we are nothing and need Your protection. May we, like David, know what to do. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today: O Lord, I give my life to you. I trust in you, my God! Psalm 25:1-2 

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