Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Come! Praise The Lord!

There seems to be an attitude of arrogance in the world today. It is summed up in the epigram that was written above the door of the saloon on the Titanic: “Not even God can sink this ship!” Imagine the irony of those words. They are carved in a piece of wood that is still rotting in the ocean after all of these years.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no fear of God in the world any longer. Today, the list of the world’s fears includes the COVID-19 pandemic, a nuclear disaster, global warming, the national deficit, health care, a flu epidemic, identity theft or a stock market crash. It seems as though God has been assigned the role of being an ex-officio member of the “Board of Governors.” It is a “position” with no power or influence. He is no longer recognized as one who makes any difference in the day to day operation of the universe. He’s simply around to humor some people. Man is in charge now, thank you, and will bring good things to pass now that God is out of the way!

Psalm 34 takes the opposite view of God. The author blesses the Lord for what He has done. In deep humility he recognizes the power and presence of God. His view of the world is God-centered not man-exalting. Therefore, “His praise should always be on our lips.”

How different it is today. People seem to do what they do for the recognition they may receive and the power they exert. Glory and honor belong to the one who can score the most points, accumulate vast wealth or demonstrate great power over people. God, to them, is a “thing” in the past. How very sad. Though He appears silent, He certainly is not!

Prayer: Father, may we praise You at all times and in all things for Your grace and sovereignty. Do “Your thing” through us so others may see You! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today:  I will praise the Lord at all times. I will constantly speak his praises. Psalm 34:1 

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