Friday, June 18, 2021

The God Who Can

God often brings a difficult situation into our lives so He can turn it into a delightful memory so that we can remind ourselves of His love and mercy. Often when we face an impossible dilemma, He turns it into a blessing that will provide a story of His incredible power that we can share with our children. There are times when He turns overwhelming obstacles into great opportunities to demonstrate His power and terrible times and trials into triumphs and testimonies of His strength that we can share with others.

David wanted to remind the children of God about the greatness of God and wrote, “He turned the sea into dry land (and) they passed through the waters on foot – come let us rejoice in Him!”

The children of Israel were on their way to the Promised Land. When they came to the coast, they made their camp. Suddenly they turned around and saw their enemy coming to destroy them. Before them was the sea. Behind them was their enemy. When they looked at their options, they came to the conclusion that they would either drown or be destroyed. At that moment, they could not see God. But God was there as He always is.

And as He was with them, so is He is with us! God is always between His children and the catastrophes of life. He never abandons us when we face the difficult decisions or demands of life.

If God could turn the sea into dry land and if the children of Israel were able to pass through the waters on foot, He can do the same for us today. With problems before us and troubles and trials behind us He can – and will - deliver us.

Prayer:  Give us a faith, Father that will overcome every fear we face. May our trust in You grow as we see You at work in our world. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Scripture For Today: He made a dry path through the Red Sea, and his people went across on foot. There we rejoiced in him. Psalm 66:6 

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