Thursday, September 23, 2021

What Kind Of Love Is This?

“You know how much I love you, Josie - more than anyone or anything in the world!” began his text message. “Can’t wait until I see you this evening. Will be there if I don’t go to the ball game with Rob. Love, Steve.”

It didn’t take Josie long to erase the message and text her friend Ruth asking if they could get together for dinner. She had trouble understanding that kind of love. And so does God. We say one thing to Him and then live a life that is entirely inconsistent with His understanding of what love is and what He expects us to do if we love Him.

“You who love the Lord,” said the Psalmist, “hate evil!” That is a very straight forward, simple statement. It is one of Scriptures If/Then challenges that God puts in our pathway. Stated another way, we might ask, “If we don’t hate evil, then do we truly love God? And, if we hate evil, how will our lives show those around us that we do?

Loving God means that we will do whatever is necessary to align ourselves with His plan and purpose for His creation by how we live. We will work with Him to reach out to those around us with a heart full of His love and show them His grace and mercy. We will be uncomfortable if we know of someone, somewhere who needs something that we have that we can share with them that will bring hope and healing to their lives.

People who lie abandoned in convalescent homes, and children who are abused through no fault of their own, and individuals who crave a smile and a hug need to know that “we love the Lord.” They will if we reach out. We will know if we will do!

Prayer:  Trouble our hearts and minds, Father, and give us no peace if we know someone in need and do nothing! May we honor You by doing. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today: Let those who love the Lord hate evil. Psalm 97:10a

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