Saturday, October 30, 2021

The Songs Of Birds

Ornithologists claim that there are over 9,000 birds that live throughout the world. Some make their homes in places that are covered by ice the entire year. Others make their homes in hot and arid places. Many live on the land, but some actually live on the water.

The largest bird is the male African ostrich. It may grow eight feet tall and weigh three hundred pounds. The smallest bird is the Cuban fairy hummingbird. It is about two inches long and weighs about one-tenth of an ounce.

The fastest fliers are the common swifts of Europe. They can fly as fast as two hundred miles an hour. But the highest flyers are the geese. They are known to have the strength and ability to fly higher than twenty-nine thousand feet.

The graceful flight of birds, their sweet songs, and beautiful colors have inspired artists, musicians, and poets. The Psalmist wrote, “The birds of the air nest by the waters; they sing among the branches.”

Each kind of singing bird has its special song. However, we know that sparrows can sing as many as twenty variations of the same song! They, like every other bird, are God-fashioned and “God-tuned.” No other bird has such God-given skills.

Just as God has planted songs in the heart of every bird, He has also planted songs in the heart of every Christian: songs of peace and pardon and joy. With His songs in our hearts let us sing His praises!

Prayer:  We ask, Father, that “songs of salvation” will rise from our hearts as we enjoy the gifts of Your love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today:  The birds of the air nest by the waters; they sing among the branches. Psalm 104:12

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