Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Pray - But How And For What?

Mary Jane was snuggling down in bed when her mother entered her room. “Did you pray before getting in bed?”

“Well, kind of,” was her reply.

“Kind of?” asked her Mom. “What does that mean?”

“Well, I started to pray, and my list was the same as it was yesterday and the day before that. So, I decided to tell Jesus the story about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. And you know what, Mom? I think He enjoyed it!”

The attitude of the Psalmist was very different from Mary Jane’s: “May my cry come before You, Lord; give me understanding according to Your Word.” Not only was he intense and sincere, but he was also passionate and purposeful!

 He did not speak to God in a still, soft voice. On this occasion, he literally “cried” to God requesting a “direct audience.” He wanted his prayer to go directly to Him!

He must have known that there were certain conditions that he would have to meet. He must have been aware of this. What would hinder his prayers?

1. Disobedience: We get what we ask for if we are obedient. John wrote we “receive what we ask for because we keep His commandments.” (1 John 3:22)

2. Doubt: When we ask for food, we need to have a container available to carry it home. “Whatever you ask for, if you believe you will receive.” (Mark 11:24)

3.  Disagreement: We must ask for things that are consistent with His nature. “Ask in my name.” (John 16:32)

God hears our cries if we meet His criteria!

Prayer:  Help us, Father, to align our requests with Your requirements and live within Your will for our lives. Give us the wisdom Your Word promises. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today: May my cry come before You, Lord; give me understanding according to Your Word. Psalm 119:169 

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