Sunday, May 1, 2022

Look Up!

It was a bright summer day. The waves were stable, and the winds gentle. It was a perfect day for sailing.
Rod decided to take his young son with him to enjoy a day on the ocean in his new sailboat. Not long after they left the dock, he heard Little Ben’s voice screaming, “Dad, help me. Dad, I’m afraid. Dad, save me.”
Looking around he could not see him anywhere on deck. Suddenly, he turned his eyes upward, and there was Little Ben at the top of the mast. “If you don’t come to get me, I’m going to fall!” he shouted.
“Don’t look down, Son. Whatever you do, don't look down. Look up. Hold the ladder steps tightly, look up toward the sky and take one step at a time beneath you until you reach the deck.”
Little Ben did what he was told and returned safely to the arms of his dad. Ben looked up just as the Psalmist did: “I will lift up my eyes to You, to You who sit enthroned in heaven.”
Do you need to “lift up your eyes to God?” Recall the story of Peter. He and the other disciples were fighting heavy seas and strong winds. Jesus came to them walking on water. They screamed in terror. So, He said to them, “Don’t be afraid!”
Peter said, “If it’s really You, tell me to come to You walking on water.” Jesus said, “It’s me. Come on.” And he did.
Peter went over the side of the boat and began walking on water. But when he realized what he had done and the size of the waves, he got scared, and shouted, “Save me, Lord.”
And Jesus did.
To look at circumstances always distress us. To look to our friends may disappoint us. To look at ourselves will discourage us. To look up to the Lord will bring us deliverance.
Prayer:  Teach us to look up to You in trust, Lord, when the storms of life are raging. Help us to remember that You are always there to rescue us!  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture For Today:  I will lift up my eyes to You, to You who sit enthroned in heaven. Psalm 123:1

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