Monday, May 30, 2022

Opened Eyes, Closed Mind

Sir Isaac Newton is generally recognized as the most original and influential theorists in history. His impact on physics and mathematics was profound, and he is the one who also discovered gravity.

One day a visitor to his study remarked, “Sir Isaac, I don’t understand: you seem to believe the Bible like a little child. I have tried, but I can’t. Many of the statements mean nothing to me. I can’t believe, and I can’t understand why.”

Sir Isaac replied, “Sometimes I come to my study, and in my absentmindedness, I attempt to light my candle when the extinguisher is over it. I fumble about trying to light it but cannot. But when I remove the extinguisher, then I am able to light the candle.”

“I am afraid the extinguisher in your case is your love for sin. It is deliberate unbelief that is in you. Turn to God in repentance, be prepared to let the Spirit of God reveal His truth to you, and it will be His joy to show the glory of the grace of God shining in the face of Jesus Christ.”

It is unbelief that keeps the truth of God’s Word from entering our minds, hearts, and lives. Reading and doubting are the opposite of reading and accepting. If we expect God to speak to us from His Word, we must first take Him at His Word, and the truth that is in His Word: “For by grace are you saved through faith.”

“The Lord,” said the Psalmist, “gives sight to the blind.” He will open our eyes if we open our hearts.

Prayer:  Lord, open our hearts to the grace You offer us through Christ and our eyes to see the truth in Your Word. Deepen our understanding so we can walk in You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today: The Lord gives sight to the blind. Psalm 146:8a 

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