Thursday, July 10, 2008

eSeed: Not Afraid To Die

Read Philippians 1:21

The Berkshire Boys were caught off guard by the Confederates. Rushing across the bridge, the commanding officer realized that he had left his sword in his tent.

Johnny Ring, a teenager said, “Let me go get it, sir.” Away he ran, even though the bridge was on fire. He got the
sword, but was badly burned.

As he lay dying, the colonel said, “I’m sorry, Johnny.”

“Don’t worry, sir,” cried Johnny, “I’m not afraid to die. Are you?”

“Yes,” said the colonel. Dropping to his knees, he received Jesus.

Are you afraid to die?

Prayer: We thank Thee, heavenly Father, that Thou art preparing us for heaven, and preparing heaven for us.
Help us to win our family and friends to Thee so that they will enjoy heaven with Thee and us: we ask all these things in Thy precious name. Amen.

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