Wednesday, August 13, 2008

eSeed: Pep, But No Power

Read Psalm 85:6

A deacon said to a preacher one morning, “We need a revival. The blower is blowing, but the fire is out.”

How like so many of our churches.

There’s the form but not the force, the motion but not the devotion, the shove but not the love, the spire but not the fire.

They are beautiful in foliage but barren in fruit, rich in tradition but poor in submission, they have given their silver to the Lord but not their souls.

If the church is to enjoy survival, we Christians must experience revival.

Want to experience a revival in your church? Ask the Lord to come into your heart again and feel a wonderful revival.

Prayer: Come into our hearts today, Father, and help us to grow and glow. Deliver us from being stunted saints, backslidden believers, and workless worshipers. Constrain us to be all that Thou dost want us to be: through Christ. Amen.

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