Friday, December 26, 2008

eSeed: Purely Voluntary

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:4-6
Bored by a tedious talk in the House of Commons, Winston Churchill fell asleep.

Angrily, the speaker walked over to him and asked, “Must you fall asleep while I’m speaking?”

Without opening his eyes, Churchill answered, “No, sir, it’s purely voluntary.”

But too many people go through life living in a nap sack.

The Lord created you because He wants to use you where you are. So look for a hurt and heal it. Find someone with a burden and help bear it. Reach for someone with a problem and help solve it. Search for someone who’s a victim and help him become a victor.

The Lord doesn’t want dozing disciples. He wants serving saints.

Prayer: Father, make our lives useful in service, beautiful with love, strong in faith, and courageous in standing up for Jesus. Help us to be loyal to Thee: through Christ. Amen.

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