Monday, February 2, 2009

eSeed: Straight Paths

Read Hebrews 12:12-13 TLB

A mountaineer went to Switzerland for a climbing vacation, taking his family with him.

One evening he suggested to his guide that they climb the mountain early the next morning.

The climb began, and suddenly he heard his little boy say, “Look out, dad. I’m coming!” His blood almost froze in his veins.

His steps thus far were safe, but there was no more climbing that day.

Someone younger and weaker than you is following you. How’s the path?

The Living Bible says, “Mark out a straight, smooth path for your feet so that those who follow you, though weak and lame, will not fall and hurt themselves, but become strong.”

Prayer: Give us, Father, minds that are wise with wisdom, hearts that are warm with love, lips that are eloquent with truth, lives that are filled with Thy beauty that we might be patterns for others: through Christ. Amen.

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